Managing Trustee


My father Late Sh. Gajanand Dalmia was the founder Trustee of Dalmia Charitable Trusts. The foundation of the Trusts was laid in the year 1984 with an objective to help & serve the public by providing Medical facilities at concessional rates or even 100% free for deserving poor/needy cases, free education to poor students, aid to orphanage homes, gaushalas & helping other charitable institutions.

Currently nine clinics are running successfully

  1. 1) Homeopathic
  2. 2) Eyes
  3. 3) Clinical Laboratory
  4. 4) Dental
  5. 5) Allopathic
  6. 6) ENT
  7. 7) Skin
  8. 8) Diet Clinic
  9. 9) Bliss Life Skills Clinic.

In addition, we have a medicine shop which is providing medicines at a discount of 5% to 15% on MRP.

I extend my sincere thanks to all our seasoned Trustees (Past / Present), dedicated Doctors & Staff.

We Treat God Cures